What others are saying about The Give Initiative ...

"The Give Initiative is a wonderful way to serve others, I don't know why I had not come across this earlier."   "I know I will most likely never find out who you are, but I simply wanted to say thank you. You were obviously aware of a need and you quietly filled it with no desire for recognition. Thank you so much for helping our family out."    "I think this is a great idea and can help a lot of people. I think this is needed, specifically in a time like this."
“If you give to get noticed, rather than simply to help others, are you really giving? The Give Initiative is a brilliant idea about how to give and help others the right way” "...This will greatly help in getting us resituated financially. I am amazed by your phenomenal, generous gift and reminded of how God loves us and provides for us in all sorts of ways!  May your spirit of generosity overwhelm all that you meet with God's greatness as it has me!" "When life is collapsing all around, and there seems no way out but to just give up, its nice to know that someone cares. I am grateful for the thought, as well as the time and effort put into sending me help. ♥"  
"It may sound a bit selfish, but I give as much for the benefit it renders me as the good it does for others. Nothing lifts more—and forces us out of the human tendency to think the world revolves around us—than sacrificing at a fundamental level to help someone with greater needs than mine. I may not have much, but I know there are others with less. God didn’t bless me so I could forget his other children. The second commandment is to love thy neighbor. When we give, we actually end up with much more." "Thank you so much for your generous gift! We have been struggling with health problems and financial problems--as you must know. Your gift will help in many ways--first to help pay bills, but also as a buoy to lift our spirits. We feel God's love through you, as He must have sent you to us! Thank you, dear friends. What a great blessing!"