*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - August 28, 2009*


Tragedy can strike at anytime to anyone. Loss of a job, loss of a home, or loss of health can create tremendous economic strain on a family or an individual. Often, the people right around us such as our friends and neighbors may be those struggling. It can often be too humbling an experience for those around us to accept the help they need.

The Give Initiative was created on the simple premise of facilitating anonymous giving between those in need, and those that would like to share what they have. An anonymous gift can provide much needed support, without embarrassment or recognition.

The Give Initiative works with a few easy steps:

  • A Giver logs on to TheGiveInitiative.org, and enters the name and address of the person to whom they would like to give.
  • The Giver enters the amount of money they would like to send, and supply payment via a major credit card.
  • The Give Initiative creates a check in the amount of the gift and sends it to the Recipient, along with a letter explaining the anonymous nature of the gift.
  • The service is free to use for both Giver and Receiver. The Giver is only charged a small (usually less than $2) fee for materials and postage.

When asked what his motivation for creating the service was, founder Dustin Goldman replied, “We really believe that small acts of giving can make a big difference in the world. Sometimes all it takes is providing a way for people to help each other.”

In addition to giving to people you know, the entire community can give to a specific cause. Known as “Jars” (as in the clear jars at the grocery store,) this has also proved to be a valuable resource for collecting the help people need. Anyone can log in, and see the profile of an individual in need.

“We feel the Jars will make it easy for people to join forces in a time of need. As word of a specific need spreads, everyone can help each other. And isn’t that what we all want the world to be like?”

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