The weather is changing and we don't want anyone left out in the cold. If you know an individual or family who could use a free furnace tune up, we're giving away 2 free furnace tune ups before winter starts, courtesy of Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning! Send us a message of who you want to nominate and we will keep your identity completely anonymous. All you have to do is:


1) Like our post on Facebook
2) Follow our Facebook page
3) Send us a message of who you want to nominate to receive a free furnace tune up. (The individual or family must live in the Salt Lake valley).


We'll announce two random winners on November 15th! Stay tuned!


Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning has been so generous with their time and service, and they helped us with our last project, where we remodeled and sold a house to benefit the local charity Children and The Earth. With the help from sponsors like Comfort Zone, we were able to donate $10,000 to Children and The Earth, a nonprofit that helps children faced with life-threatening, sometimes terminal illness, anything from cancer, special needs, to rare disease. We look forward to helping out more charities and working with Comfort Zone Heating & Air Conditioning in our future projects!


And as always, if you want to nominate a house for us to remodel and sell to benefit a charity, send us a message!