Sponsored Causes

100% of your donation will go towards your chosen cause

Jean Massieu School of the Deaf serves deaf/hard-of-hearing students in preschool through post-high school. A recent national survey found that half of deaf students graduate with a reading level below grade 4. There is a real need to support deaf children in our community, so that they may receive a truly bilingual education in American Sign Language and in English. JMS supports linguistic, cultural, and social components to help deaf and hard of hearing students become productive and well-educated members of a rich cultural minority as well as society at large. Located in Salt Lake City, JMS serves deaf students and their families all across the state. We donated $5,000 to JMS so far, but we'd love to raise more! You can read about our giving event here.

Live Hannah’s Hope is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to empower youth and reduce suicide through research, education, awareness, and advocacy. They identify and offer healthy spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental living practices needed to lead fulfilling productive lives; they provide programs for proper mental and behavioral health, and they identify emerging promising practices. Donations will go towards The Hannah Warburton Resilience Award, which is given to Utah high school seniors who have shown resilience in overcoming difficult obstacles to completing their high school education. They may not graduate at the top of their class, but they deserve an award for the courage and strength it took to get where they are.

Children and the Earth is a 501(c)(3) organization that assists children faced with life-threatening, sometimes terminal illness, anything from cancer, special needs, to rare disease. Children and the Earth creates special opportunities for these children and their families to make memories to last a lifetime. They also assist in easing the burden of medical expenses while these children are faced with hard battles. They've done it all, from checking every item off terminally ill children’s bucket lists to remodeling a home to make it more wheelchair accessible. There is nothing they won’t try to accomplish for these children and their families. We donated $10,000 to Children and the Earth so far, but we'd love to raise more! You can read about our giving party here.