New Givers


If this is your first time sending an anonymous gift through us, please send your gift via a check made payable to The Give Initiative, at 9306 S. 1300 W. West Jordan, UT 84088. Please include:


1) Your info (name, address, phone number, email)


2) The recipient's info (name, address, phone number, email)


3) A note of encouragement (optional)

That way, we can send your gift and give them a call to let them know it's on its way.


Shipping & Handling (and optional donation to The Give Initiative)

Please kindly add $5.00 to your gift amount, to cover shipping and handling. If you would like us to send it via certified mail with tracking, please add a total of $6.00. We would also greatly appreciate any tips or donations to The Give Initiative, as we are a nonprofit run solely by unpaid volunteers, and we keep this website and service running from our own pockets. Thanks in advance for your generosity!


If you have given through us before, you are welcome to use the form below and give electronically (no checks or snail mail needed!).


Any gifts from first time givers that are sent using the form below will be immediately refunded. First time users must send a check, and any subsequent gifts can then be sent electronically.


Repeat Givers

Fill out this form to make an anonymous gift




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